Why We Share: #TheDress

On February 26th, 2015 #TheDress became the meme of the moment. Grace Johnston was getting married within the year. Her mother was getting closer to picking out the dress that she would wear to the ceremony. As most mothers would, she took a picture of a dress she was thinking of wearing and sent it […]

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How to Cue Up Influence

I have seen a recent upswing in influencer-related posts in my Twitter feed. I remember there was a rise in popularity surrounding influencer marketing and then there was a public scorning of the influencer myth right around the time I started graduate school. A simple Google search will highlight this timeline. Much of the rise in […]

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Behavioral Economics: A Primer

Lessons that you work out for yourself are much more powerful than rules you memorize parrot-fashion. – Dave Trott, Predatory Thinking I am working through a personal primer on behavioral economics for my lectures on strategy and the planning process. To force myself to dig deeper, and as a challenge to Trott’s quote, I am going […]

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If you are reading this…

How do brands gain the attention of the often distracted consumer? With a wide swatch of digital channels, they create content. Create content to get attention, to build relationships and to add value that the consumer is so desperately seeking. However, most are ads disguised as content. Advertising annoys. Content creates value. Furthermore, consumers do not […]

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The Essence of Products

I spent the weekend downsizing my wardrobe. I was in one of those “I just read a book of minimalist essays” type of mood. I had three piles for shirts: Keepers, could-go-either-way, and no. As that middle pile continued to grow, I began to feel incredibly nostalgic. While they were all old and collar-stained, they […]

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Word-of-mouth: The Fanatic Fallacy

I was inspired by a piece written by Doug Kleeman questioning many of the common beliefs held by marketers. Over the last two years I have extensively studied word-of-mouth. My thesis examined the performance of word-of-mouth on a social media platform. I thought it would make for an interesting frolic and detour to dig a bit deeper […]

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