Yet another list comprised of books: Or, how I got educated.

I believe myself to be a bookman, a bibliophile and a gentleman scholar. In any case, I love reading. I read often and with purpose. Half of me believes it is to make up for the hours wasted in bars as an undergrad.

While I have zero complaints about my graduate experience, I felt that I needed to continue to connect some dots as I pushed through each semester. About my second semester, I decided to research books that would complement each course I was in. I would read the books I thought paired nicely with the subject matter being covered to produce an outcome I could control, I stronger knowledge-base.

This list isn’t exhaustive, and quite frankly half of my books are boxed up, so I might be missing some good ones.



Master Class in Brand Planning

Chief Culture Officer




Hey Whipple, Squeeze This!

Emotional Branding or the Gobe’ Trilogy

Advertising Concept Book

How Brands Grow

Eating the Big Fish

Consumer Behavior




Webs of Influence


Listen First!

Unconscious Branding

The Complete Social Media Community Managers Guide

Creative Thinking


CAD, Monkeys, Dinosaur Babies and T-Shaped People



Still Writing

Nicely Said


Six Pixels of Separation


Purple Cow



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