To Flourish

I have become rather anxious lately.

In the past, I have been guilty of looking too often to the future that I ultimately miss out on the present. As my graduate studies are once again coming to an end, I find myself focusing too much on the future. I am already too cynical, and I often forget how awesome the “hear and now” is. Not a great pair.

I am beginning to feel like the YOU Alexandra Horowitz describes in On Looking:

“Right now, you are missing the vast majority of what is happening around you. You are missing the events unfolding in your body, in the distance, and right in front of you”.

My need to have a constant project brewing, paired with a recently-digested Brain Pickings post may have quelled my anxiety. In fact, it might be the perfect remedy. In her post on Flourish, Maria Popova describes methods for improving one’s well-being by the father of positive psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman. While I do not necessarily believe that well-being is solely a product of achievement, I do think it offers an answer for missing out on the important “happenings” around you. As such, I plan to document what I am thankful for each day. Three things that happened to me with an explanation as to why I believe they happened.

You can read about the intervention here.

I do hope this causes me to pause. I hope this becomes a ritual. I hope this begins to allow me to see the importance of slowing down and really appreciating what I might normally look beyond.

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“Run deep, run wild” Lykke Li



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