WOM Around the Web: Recent Readings.

Thought I would share a couple of links that I have found interesting over the week.

(1) Guest post from Ed Keller at HouseParty

Great Experiences Are the Foundation of Powerful Social Marketing

Word of mouth based on experience is highly credible and actionable, more so than word of mouth triggered by media or marketing, including social media. In fact, half of conversations that are triggered by a good experience lead to a strong “buy it or try it” recommendation.

(2) Networked Narratives: Understanding Word-of-mouth marketing in Online Communities (Kozinets et al., 2010)

Kozinets et al. make the argument that WOM marketing is now part of a cultural process. Marketers must understand consumers life structures and the multi-relational networks consumers build online.

(3) Report from Harris Interactive

Word-of-mouth Research: Principles and Applications

“People make decisions based on a complex interplay of cognitive preferences and emotional benefits”.


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