#WhyWeShare: To Exist

For who can bear to feel himself forgotten? – W. H. Auden Much of what we share has to do with fulfilling our need to express ourselves. According to anthropologist Robin Dunbar, approximately 70 percent of our daily conversations revolve around our social relationships and personal experiences. We can attribute much of the daily content […]

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Word-of-mouth: It isn’t Always About What We Say

IMITATION > INFLUENCE The concept of influence is often attributed to the study of word-of-mouth, either as a consequence or antecedent. Through the application of diffusion theory, marketing practitioners applied this logic to create strategy surrounding tactics to create opportunities to get specific consumer behaviors to spread. The premise was that influencers, or centralized hubs, […]

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3 Quick Ways to Think About Word-of-Mouth to Inform Your Social Media Strategy

Content is ubiquitous. Aside from brands producing more and more content to grab our attention, people have the ability to curate, co-create and express themselves in a multitude of ways. Publication tools have democratized content creation. As more content is being produced, people are creating and sharing to drive their own conversations. It is becoming […]

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#WhyWeShare: Social as Play

Not an original thought, but I often think of social as one big playground; a place to replicate the sandboxes of our youth. As I observe behavior online, much of what I witness reminds me of what I learned about play in school. As I observe and reflect my own actions, I wonder, does social […]

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Why We Share: The Attention Economy

I realize that the moniker attention economy has been around for quite some time, but I believe it to be a concept that is important to unpack in this media saturated landscape we find ourselves in. It is also central to the importance of understanding why we share content. Media and user-generated content are playing a more prominent […]

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Why We Share: 3 Takeaways From the New York Times

The New York Times published a report seeking to better understand what motivates people to share content online. Examining these motivation certainly will bring to light how, and under what circumstances, people pass along news content. The report also developed specific sharing “personas”. Depth interviews, participant panels and surveys were used to collect the data. Here are […]

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